Robin Staff

Executive Artistic Director and Producer

My vision is to incite awareness of dance through non-traditional means. To join artists and audiences in inspirational experiences for both.

The daughter of a painter, I went to Goucher College to study visual and creative arts. As their first dance major, I paved the way for one of today’s most vital college dance programs in the country. My visual arts background led me into unusual urban spaces, inspiring my first gallery performance at 101 Wooster Street in 1993. The intimacy and enormous connection between the artists and audience members at this performance predicted DANCE NOW’s artistic direction.

DN has worked over the past two and a half decades to make dance accessible and welcoming. Bending the rules, we offer artists a new way to think about creating, and audiences a new way to experience dance. COVID-19 has shifted our programming, but not our vision. As we move into the next decade of live and digital events, we will continue to embrace the untraditional and the unknown.

As an artist, I am aware of the enormous challenges that face performers, choreographers and companies. Additionally, I am directed by my concern for the survival of dance makers as an arts administrator — particularly young artists and BIPOC dance artists. I am steadfast in providing opportunities that present new choices, stimulate creativity, and advance careers. I encourage exploration of the untried, defy the archetypical and carve a path to uncover new means of expression.

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Programming Director

My passion is to support the work of artists and creative organizations.

In my years as a dancer and producer, I have witnessed the arts alienate an audience, but I have also seen the arts bring people together. I believe that artistic expression should be accessible for all to experience and enjoy. It is my mission as a dance advocate to build community around the practices of dance and dance performance, to bring people together, and to reinforce the importance of diversity and new ideas.

For the last five years, I have worked in programming, project management, communications and fundraising for arts organizations and nonprofits across the United States. I am thrilled to be a part of the DN Team as we pivot to digital content. I hope that this platform will help our community come together from afar while the world safely prepares to gather in theaters again in the future.

Tamara Greenfield

founding director

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