Photo credits

Photographs found on this website can be credited to:
Photographs are listed per page in order of appearance, top to bottom.
      • HUMA by Yi-Chun Wu
      • Gus Solomons jr by Betti Franchesci
      • Ayodele Casel by Michael Higgins
      • Mike Esperanza self portrait
      • LMnO3 by Benjamin Cheney
      • HUMA by Yi-Chun Wu
      • Tricia Brouk by Yi-Chun Wu
      • Trudee by Yi-Chun Wu
      • Kyle Abraham and Friends by Steven Schreiber
      • Katherine Helen Fisher by Yi-Chun Wu
      • Robert Battle by Andrew Eccles
      • Jamal Jackson by Antoine Tempé
      • Nicole Wolcott by Whitney Brown
      • Katy Pyle by Collier Schorr
      • Wanjiru Kamuyu by Cyril Mulon
      • Katherine Helen Fisher by Mark Escribano
      • Christal Brown by Jonathan Hsu
      • Brendan Drake Choreography by Yi-Chun Wu
    • TAKE Dance by Phyllis McCabe
    • Jane Comfort by Arthur Elgort
    • Mariana Valencia by Charlotte Curtis
    • Nicole Vaughan-Diaz by Landon Morgan
    • Orlando Hernandez by Cynthia Clayton
    • Take Dance by Jordan Matter
    • Sara Juli by Yi-Chun Wu
    • The People Movers by Yi-Chun Wu
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